P.5 Students' visit to the Eco-garden at Education University of Hong Kong

Date: 07/01/2019

On 2nd December, 2018, the General Studies subject team led a group of P.5 students to the event Eco-garden – Experiencing and Experimenting 2018, which was held by Department of Science and Environmental Studies, The Education University of Hong Kong. The event aimed to broaden students’ knowledge on biodiversity and to increase their environmental awareness, thus guided tours, educational activities and talks were taken place in the Eco-garden which was renovated in 2016.

The event mainly covered two topics- The Adventure in the Eco-garden and The Road to Become a Docent, whereas students were introduced to the species coexisting in the ecosystem within the Eco-garden, as well as the role of a docent. Through all the interactive learning opportunities, outdoor explorations and experimental workshops, students’ interests in learning science and environmental studies were provoked.