Bookworm Festival Day 1 and Traditional Chinese Attire Day

Date: 20/01/2020

Here comes the first day of the Bookworm Festival as well as the Traditional Chinese Attire Day. Putting on tang suits, strolling through the giant story book at the front entrance, it was as if entering into the world of reading, where the breath of school books is in the air. A range of fun activities were organised to share the joy of reading with our students, such as Parent Storytelling Time, Meet-the-Author, and Cross-disciplinary Reading Corner, etc.

In light of Chinese Cultural Theme on the Traditional Chinese Attire Day, we are honoured to invite 10 parent-storytellers to share different Chinese folk tales. Junior students enjoyed the lively storytelling a lot, just look how they fixed their eyes on the storyteller!  During Meet-the-Author, our senior students got a chance to have a chat with Uncle Monster and how fascinating was that? Uncle monster even gave them novels as an encouragement. Cross-disciplinary Reading Corner was also one of the highlights, picking the books of their choice, some students read and enjoyed on their own, some shared with friends, and some even read out loud with teachers!

We look forward to tomorrow’s event ‘I am a Writer- Write My Own Storybook’, we can’t wait when students enter into the paradise of books once again to be immersed in the SCO culture of reading!