Service Learning

Date: 05/07/2019

17th- 25th June, 2019

Our school held a service learning course for both P.4 and P.5 students to learn how to care for others and to engage in the needs of the community. The course compiled four parts of training sessions, which direct students to the purpose of service learning, the needs of the target as well as the communication skills that they need. After that, they had to plan out and rehearse their own services. On 25th June, the students were divided into three groups and went to different elderly homes in the district and gave out services that lasted for 45minutes to an hour, bringing joy to the elderlies.

All the services were discussed and organised by the students, they learnt how to allocate different tasks and also maximize their strengths. When they were mingling with the elders, the students patiently offered warmth and care to them. Indeed the students were blessed to be a blessing as the kind smile from the elders warmed their hearts, and more importantly, they have learnt the joy of serving others.