Notes to 2019-2020 Transfer Student Admission

Notes to 2019-2020 Transfer Student Admission

Part A. Application Notes

Application Period: 2nd September (Monday) to 31st December (Tuesday), 2019

Recruitment: Primary 2 students

Qualification: All eligible 8-year-old children can apply


1. Transfer Student Admission Application Form

2. Original and copy of the proof of identification documents

       a.  Born in Hong Kong: Hong Kong Birth Certificate

       b.  Born in China: One-way permit, Birth Certificate or other proof    documents

       c.  Born overseas: Birth Certificate, Passport or Proof of Residence

3. Copies of the two most recent transcript

 *Incomplete applications will not be considered.

** Copies of the documents will be archived by the school.

Part B. Screening information

Assessment Date and Time: To be arranged by the school

*Applicants entering the interview stage would be notified.

**Visit the school website for more information. For enquiries, please call 29593606 or come in person.



Transfer Student Admission application form